About Dr Lofley

Dr Lofley is Board Certified

Dr Lofley is Board Certified

Dr. Kent J Lofley, DO, MS is an Osteopathic Physician with board certifications from the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians and the American Board of Family Medicine. 

He currently practices telemedicine with Doctor on Demand. He has a special interest in probiotics and natural ways for the body to heal itself. 

He is the president and owner of ProbioticFacts.com. He noted that it can be confusing to choose a probiotic for a specific health concern. ProbioticFacts.com provides evidence based guidance to find the right probiotic so you can feel better quickly. 

What do patients say about Dr Lofley?

5 star doctor

"He was my doctor on Doctor on Demand. He was the first to describe the possibility of me having Celiac Disease which was later confirmed after a blood test at a local office. My local Doctor at Kaiser had not found it and thought it was in my head."  - Jonathon (Jan 8, 2021)

5 star doctor

"I would recommend Dr Lofley to my family and friends. Dr Lofley projects the feeling that he cares. Spends all the time needed to explain things to you. He also provides you with choices in treatment and respects your decision. He provides information in a way that is not all "medical terms" and makes it easy to understand. Thank you." - Anonymous (Feb 16, 2018)

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Research is a passion

Dr Lofley has many research accomplishments

He has a passion for discovering new things and completed a Clinical Research Fellowship during medical school while adding a Masters of Biomedical Science. This extra training qualifies Dr Lofley as someone who understands the research process and assists with his accumulation of priobiotic facts from the body of existing research. 

During his family medicine residency, he published 2 book chapters, presented research at the ACOFP conference on osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), and performed a research project on the benefits of computer aided order entry related to narcotics. He was awarded the AFMRD/NAPCRG/CFPC Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarship. 

Medical School

Dr Lofley graduated medical school from AT Still University

With a special interest in research, he completed the Hollister Clinical Research Fellowship. a year-long fellowship resulting in a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences and performing Clinical Research with the medical manufacturing company of Hollister, INC. During that year, he completed a thesis, presented at the American Academy of Dermatology, and deepened a passion for research.

Hobbies, family and more about Dr Lofley

Dr Lofley is married with 9 children. They live in the greater Nashville area and enjoy a full life. Dr Lofley is often found at one of his children's sporting events or music recitals. He enjoys running, cycling, hiking, fishing, and camping.